How to Prevent Shrubbery and Vines from Overtaking Your Newly Installed Fence

Fence installation Elk Grove provides your property with character however, shrubbery and vines can overtake your newly installed fence and can even make it appear damaged and old. The following are some of the few tips to keep shrubs and vines from taking over your new fence: 

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1. Do Not Use Chain-Link Fencing 

Even though some homeowners choose chain-link fence, the holes in your fence can be a big problem. As a matter of fact, they can allow weeds and vines from the outside environment to overtake your fencing. Aside from weeding the yard of your neighbor and jumping the fence, you do not have many choices. You do not have to worry about the shrubs or vines of your neighbor if you have a panel fencing. Instead, you only have to keep your yard under control. 

2. Communicate with Your Neighbors 

Once you are worried about the vines and shrubs of your neighbor overtaking your new fence, then you must talk to them in person. Ask permission to them if you could cut the plants that hang over your fencing. Then, you may offer to do a little bit of weeding and cleaning in their backyard. You can also keep your fence clear by keeping their trees and vines away from your fence. It is best to talk to them in a nice way. An appropriate and professional demeanor could make them be more than glad to help you keep a clear fencing. Instead of being angry and acting unprofessional, you should talk with your neighbors on what to do. 

3. Select the Right Shrubs for Your Property 

Shrubs can sometimes look good with your fencing. However, you have to select the correct kind of shrub for your backyard. Some shrubs and bushes take over your property quickly. If you do not like an overgrown fencing, look for shrubs which grow gradually as well as in a controlled way. Consider a shrub which is level to the ground if you do not like to be stuck cutting hedges every week. Most of the time, dwarf types of shrubs are very good choices.  

They basically tend to grow a few feet tall. And even though they may grow a bit taller, it could still take years to get the shrubs out of control. In addition to that, you can also keep your fencing clear of debris as well as visible to others by planting smaller shrubs. It is an easy way to solve a disappointing problem. 

4. Garden with Care 

Of course, you love your own garden but your garden may sometimes get out of control. You must plan your landscaping carefully after you installed a new fence. Plan ahead of time and consider the correct location of your fence prior to your garden. It’s also important to avoid planting some vines near the new fence, unless you carefully plan for it. Afterwards, plant vines far from your new fence and the fence lines as well. Once the vines begin to take over your new fence, they can be very hard to control. 

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