Things You Should Know About Invisible Fences Prior to Installing It

Having an invisible fence in your company means that you have chosen to install a fenceless boundary that operates on an electronic system specifically designed to keep your pet or any animal form going inside and outside your property. This is based on a set of predefined measures you have chosen. Your pet will have to wear a collar that will emit a sound when your pet gets near the boundary. And if they ignore the warning sound and chooses to cross the boundary then the pet will receive a mild shock from the collar.  

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The shock will not hurt your pet however it will disorient them for a little while and may be irritating for them. Overall, it is a safe and effective deterrent. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are keeping your pet safe but also at the same time make sure that they are happy. Before you make the decision of getting an invisible dog fence for your furry pets at home, there below are some of the pros and cons that comes with an invisible dog fence. As a dog owner, it is imperative you weigh everything and keep notes of these below before getting one installed with the help of a professional fence repair Elk Grove. 

One benefit of having an invisible dog fence is that it provides safety to your pets while giving them freedom. We know that you worry constantly about the safety and health of your pet however it can be stifling and stressful for your pets to be kept inside all the time. You don’t want your pets to be grow without having fun and playing. With an invisible dog fence, you can now leave them unattended and not worry if they get lost. 

Another benefit is that it will not affect your landscape at all. We all want to appreciate a good landscape and a physical fence will obstruct your view from it. Also, installing a traditional fence will change your landscaping in the house because there are a lot construction to be done. 

However, there are also some downsides and here are some – the installation takes longer than usual fences. You have to make sure that all areas inside your boundary is marked and it may take a while since there will be a lot of adjustments to be made and expert technicians will have to inspect the areas and may have to remark again and again. Also, there will be trainers who will have to work with you and your dog for a long period of time to make sure that your dog gets used to the boundaries. Aside from that, the pets that are inside the boundary are only those who will be warned and affected by the static shock. There are still a lot of animals that can go inside. There is a great chance that your pets can still get attacked by animals who can get inside the boundary. 


Reasons to Consider Installing Invisible Fencing System

Having pets around is definitely a big and complicated responsibility for yourself and the pets. Your pet’s safety must not be underestimated and should be taken seriously. Taking in a new pet in your home is like adding another member to your family and we all know how important family is. Everyone would want to keep their family safe no matter what the cost.  

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It is important that our loved ones are safe and sound. As for our pets like dogs and cats, there are invisible dog fences that should be installed around your house. Here is why you should put an invisible dog fence around your lot. First of all, it is for the safety of your dog or pets. Not only can an invisible dog fence be for your dog but it may also be for your other house pets. The safety of your pets are very important and it should be a priority if you decide to take in a pet.  

Pets love to play in the outdoors but can put them in danger of running away or getting snatched. The dog fence will ensure that your pets will not be able to escape easily or get snatched by anyone. It acts as an insurance to your pet’s life and safety as it protects them from going out of the vicinity of your house and also protects your house from unwanted strangers lurking around you house. 

Another reason why you should get an invisible dog fence for your house is to ensure your pets have a fun filled life in your home. More often than not your pets will be at home all the time. They will be cooped up in your house for the rest of their life. The least you could do for them is to have them enjoy a brisk run around the house or a little playtime outside while you are away at work or school or other events you need to be at. Installing an invisible dog fence around your house will make sure that your dog will have fun even when you are away.  

They will be able to roam freely around your house even without your supervision and still have a great time. It is important to have an invisible dog fence around your house not only for your pets but for your safety as well. Putting an invisible dog fence will also help protect you from burglars who would try attempting to raid your home.  

The fence will give them a harder time getting in and more time for you to call for help and more time to protect and prepare yourself for what is to come. Putting the fence up will be a precautionary measure and sort of an insurance to your safety and your pet’s safety as well. These are some of the reasons why an invisible dog fence should be put up around your house.  

And, when it’s time to install, maintain, or repair an invisible dog fence, you should make sure that you only ask help from a professional fence contractor Elk Grove. 


How to Prevent Shrubbery and Vines from Overtaking Your Newly Installed Fence

Fence installation Elk Grove provides your property with character however, shrubbery and vines can overtake your newly installed fence and can even make it appear damaged and old. The following are some of the few tips to keep shrubs and vines from taking over your new fence: 

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1. Do Not Use Chain-Link Fencing 

Even though some homeowners choose chain-link fence, the holes in your fence can be a big problem. As a matter of fact, they can allow weeds and vines from the outside environment to overtake your fencing. Aside from weeding the yard of your neighbor and jumping the fence, you do not have many choices. You do not have to worry about the shrubs or vines of your neighbor if you have a panel fencing. Instead, you only have to keep your yard under control. 

2. Communicate with Your Neighbors 

Once you are worried about the vines and shrubs of your neighbor overtaking your new fence, then you must talk to them in person. Ask permission to them if you could cut the plants that hang over your fencing. Then, you may offer to do a little bit of weeding and cleaning in their backyard. You can also keep your fence clear by keeping their trees and vines away from your fence. It is best to talk to them in a nice way. An appropriate and professional demeanor could make them be more than glad to help you keep a clear fencing. Instead of being angry and acting unprofessional, you should talk with your neighbors on what to do. 

3. Select the Right Shrubs for Your Property 

Shrubs can sometimes look good with your fencing. However, you have to select the correct kind of shrub for your backyard. Some shrubs and bushes take over your property quickly. If you do not like an overgrown fencing, look for shrubs which grow gradually as well as in a controlled way. Consider a shrub which is level to the ground if you do not like to be stuck cutting hedges every week. Most of the time, dwarf types of shrubs are very good choices.  

They basically tend to grow a few feet tall. And even though they may grow a bit taller, it could still take years to get the shrubs out of control. In addition to that, you can also keep your fencing clear of debris as well as visible to others by planting smaller shrubs. It is an easy way to solve a disappointing problem. 

4. Garden with Care 

Of course, you love your own garden but your garden may sometimes get out of control. You must plan your landscaping carefully after you installed a new fence. Plan ahead of time and consider the correct location of your fence prior to your garden. It’s also important to avoid planting some vines near the new fence, unless you carefully plan for it. Afterwards, plant vines far from your new fence and the fence lines as well. Once the vines begin to take over your new fence, they can be very hard to control.